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UtiliChoice is located in the Philadelphia region in Exton, Pennsylvania, and was established in 1998 at the outset of electric choice. Since then, we’ve grown from procuring energy for our first regional locations to assisting thousands of locations across North America. From the outset, we have assisted both single-site locations and national chains, growing tremendously over the years.

We’ve helped to save our clients over $300 Million to date and we continually work to satisfy our customers with our dedicted and hands-on personal approach to service.



UtiliChoice has earned a well-respected reputation among both clients and suppliers. Since 1998, we have proven ourselves to be reliable, equitable, competitive, and attentive to the needs and preferences of each business we assist. We embrace each client’s unique requirements and we genuinely do our part to customize the entire client-consultant experience for them. We’re one of the few consultants with expert knowledge of the deregulated territories nationwide.

We place ourselves at the service of our clients, not providing them with products, but rather with a partnership.  We're on deck at all times for every question, calculation, conversation, and decision.  We serve our clients on their energy journey and remain at their side for each fork in the road.

We always put the client first, and our results and reputation serve us well.  Become part of our history and we are confident you’ll agree as well.

How can we help you?

Call us today at 1.800.530.1999 to start the conversation. Let's move forward together.